Ear Irrigation / Ear Lavage

Ear Irrigation / Ear Lavage in Oklahoma

What is Ear Lavage?

Ear lavage, also known as ear irrigation, is a safe and non-invasive procedure used to remove excess ear wax and debris from the ear canal. At Optimum Primary Care, we offer ear irrigation as a part of our comprehensive primary care services in Oklahoma to ensure optimal ear health and improve hearing.

Risks of Ear Irrigation

While ear irrigation is generally considered safe, some individuals may experience certain risks and side effects, including:

  • Irritation: Ear irrigation may cause mild irritation or discomfort in the ear canal, which is usually temporary and subsides quickly.
  • Ear Infection: If the ear canal is already inflamed or infected, ear irrigation should be avoided to prevent exacerbating the condition.

Symptoms of Ear Wax Blockage and Buildup

Excessive ear wax can lead to various uncomfortable symptoms, such as:

  1. Hearing Loss: A feeling of reduced hearing or muffled sounds.
  2. Earache: Discomfort or pain in the ear.
  3. Tinnitus: Ringing or buzzing sensations in the ear.
  4. Itchiness: An urge to itch or discomfort in the ear canal.
  5. Dizziness: A sensation of imbalance or lightheadedness.

If you experience any of these symptoms, it is essential to seek professional ear wax removal services to prevent further complications.

The Procedure of Ear Irrigation/Lavage

Our skilled medical professionals perform the ear flush procedure, which entails the following steps:

  • Patient Preparation: The patient will be positioned comfortably, and a medical history review will be conducted to ensure suitability for the procedure.
  • Ear Examination: The healthcare provider will use an otoscope to examine the ear canal and assess the extent of ear wax buildup.
  • Warm Water Irrigation: Using a specialized ear syringe or irrigation device, warm water will be gently introduced into the ear canal to soften the ear wax.
  • Ear Wax Removal: The softened ear wax will be gently flushed out of the ear canal, and any remaining debris will be carefully removed.
  • Post-Procedure Evaluation: After the ear lavage, the healthcare provider will assess the ear canal to ensure proper wax removal and check for any signs of irritation or infection.

Measures We Take for Your Ear Irrigation Treatment in Oklahoma

At Optimum Primary Care, we prioritize patient safety and comfort during ear flush treatments. Our healthcare professionals follow strict hygiene and sanitation practices to prevent infections. We also ensure that the water used for irrigation is at an appropriate temperature to avoid discomfort or damage to the ear canal. Additionally, our team thoroughly assesses each patient’s ear health to determine the best course of action for ear wax removal.


People opt for an ear flush to remove excess ear wax, alleviate ear wax buildup symptoms, and improve hearing.

Side effects of ear flushing may include temporary ear irritation or mild discomfort. Serious side effects are rare when a trained professional performs the procedure.

Yes, ear lavage and ear irrigation are two terms used interchangeably to describe the process of removing ear wax using warm water flushing. Both methods aim to safely and effectively remove ear wax and improve ear health.

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Michelle P
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Travis Morgan
My wife and I recently relocated to Edmond and couldn’t be happier with our new family physician Dr. Chaudry. It’s rare to find a family physician that is so patient, kind, and professional. We got lucky! Thank you Dr. Chaudry and everyone at Optimum Primary Care!
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Sally Morgan
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John Danny
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