Vaccines and Immunizations

Vaccines and Immunizations in Oklahoma

At Optimum Primary Care, we strongly emphasize preventative medical care by administering a full range of vaccinations and immunizations in Oklahoma. Our highly trained staff is dedicated to providing you with the necessary protection against infectious diseases, thereby guaranteeing your well-being throughout every stage of your life. Learn more about the following crucial aspects of immunization and vaccination by reading the following:

Essential Vaccinations to Consider:

Our medical experts suggest that you get vaccinated against a wide variety of diseases that can be avoided by taking preventative measures. These may include vaccines for 

  1. Influenza
  2. Measles
  3. Mumps
  4. Rubella
  5. Tetanus
  6. Diphtheria
  7. Pertussis (whooping cough)
  8. Pneumococcal diseases, and more.

We tailor vaccination recommendations based on your age, medical history, travel plans, and potential exposure to specific infections.

How Long Does an Immunization Take to Work?

It takes a different amount of time for each vaccine to begin working effectively, and this time varies from vaccine to vaccine. Some vaccines can provide almost instantaneous protection, while others require multiple doses to be administered before a person can be fully immune.

Our medical experts will provide specific guidance on when to expect each vaccination and immunizations to reach their full potential.

How Long Does Immunization Last?

The length of time that immunization provides protection can vary greatly, depending not only on the vaccine that was given but also on several other factors that are unique to the individual. Some vaccines confer immunity for the entirety of a person’s life, while others may necessitate the administration of booster shots at regular intervals to maintain protection.

Our team will give detailed information about how long each vaccine makes you immune and make suggestions for the right booster doses to give when needed.  

How Many Doses of Vaccine Do I Need to Stay Protected?

The specific vaccine and the recommended vaccination schedule both play a role in determining the necessary number of doses of the vaccine to achieve the desired level of protection. Some vaccines only require a single dose, while others require multiple doses administered at regular intervals over time.

Our trained medical professionals will walk you through the immunization and vaccination schedule and ensure you get the appropriate doses to achieve the highest possible level of protection.

Immunizations for Children

Children are required to go through a series of vaccinations to reduce the risk of contracting any one of several different infectious diseases. Children are routinely vaccinated against diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella, polio, chickenpox, and hepatitis.

To ensure that children receive the recommended immunizations at the appropriate times, we strictly adhere to vaccination schedules that are age-appropriate and take into account their ages.

Recommended Immunizations for Senior Citizens

Vaccinations that protect against the health risks that are associated with advancing age can help protect the health of senior citizens. Vaccinations against infectious diseases such as influenza, pneumonia, and shingles, in addition to vaccinations against other diseases that can be prevented, are especially important for the health of older adults.

Our medical professionals in Oklahoma will discuss the vaccinations recommended for you and respond to any questions or concerns you may have about them.


Immunization and vaccination play a crucial role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases, protecting individuals and communities from outbreaks, and reducing the burden of preventable illnesses.

Most side effects of immunization are mild and temporary, such as soreness at the injection site or a low-grade fever. The benefits of vaccination greatly outweigh the extremely low risk of serious adverse effects.

Yes, they are essential. They help prevent the spread of infectious diseases, protect individuals from serious illnesses, and contribute to community immunity, safeguarding vulnerable populations.

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Thyroid Disease Management

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Michelle P
Michelle P
Since I moved from NYC, I've had a difficult time finding a good doctor in OKC. Dr. Chaudry and her staff have been so patient, trustworthy and knowledgeable to help me with all of my needs! They take the time to care for you. I'm so grateful I found their office.
Travis Morgan
Travis Morgan
My wife and I recently relocated to Edmond and couldn’t be happier with our new family physician Dr. Chaudry. It’s rare to find a family physician that is so patient, kind, and professional. We got lucky! Thank you Dr. Chaudry and everyone at Optimum Primary Care!
Sally Morgan
Sally Morgan
I took a family of seven here and was so pleased with the care they received. The staff was amazing! So nice and caring and very helpful with referrals, prescriptions etc. Dr Chaudry was patient and caring and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend this practice to everyone!
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John Danny
Sarah is super helpful and the Dr. is awesome. Worth the visit!
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gabby Gamez
I felt very welcomed and the kind woman at the front desk offered free coffee and lots of information. Waiting area was clean and comfortable. Will definitely be coming back!
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